Tuesday, April 28, 2009

National Anthem at the Phillies Game

Dear Good Sports,

As promised, I am posting after getting back from the Phillies Game this evening where my daughters' choir sang the National Anthem.

(My husband and I are also fast forwarding through American Idol, which we taped while we were gone.)

The choir sang beautifully and we were so proud. The Phillie Phanatic broke through the lines of the choir kids to joke around with our younger daughter who was in the front row. It got up on the Jumbotron. (She's taking a picture of it into school tomorrow.) Our older daughter got a close-up on the Jumbotron, too. The Phillies won, the weather was perfect -- all in all, a great evening!

Ironically, it was my younger daughter who made an observation that is perfect to include in on the Good Sport Bad Sport Blog:

Whenever a certain Phillies player came up, it sounded like people were booing him. But what they were really saying was his name, Raul.

We laughed over this confusion on the drive home. But then my younger daughter said, "I felt sorry for the other team because whenever they got a run, everyone booed them. That must make them feel so sad."

Now, although Philadelphia fans are notorious for their bad bad behaviour, tonight they weren't so bad -- probably since we won by so much.

Sure -- the booing and etc. is all part of the game experience, and shows your support for the home team.

But I just thought it was an interesting observation from a nine-year old, thinking about how the other team would feel. About the ways we're supposed to treat each other.

So I leave you with that thought until next time.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Welcome to the Good Sport Bad Sport Blog!

Dear Good Sport,

Welcome to the first post of the Good Sport Bad Sport Blog!

I am very excited to launch this blog today. I think it will provide an important place to share thoughts and advice about how to raise our little athletes to become Good Sports.

It's also going to be a good place to talk about our behavior as adults! Why? Because an article I saw online yesterday about parents being banned from the sidelines of their daughters' soccer game because they yelled at the Referee makes it clear that Good Sportsmanship is not just about the kids -- but about the grownups, too!

From time to time Guest Bloggers will stop in to offer their perspective. And I hope you'll share yours as well. (Feel free to leave your comments or sign-up for email alerts, an RSS feed or to be a follower -- we'd love to have you.) We won't be preaching ... in fact, I hope you come for the laughs as well as the advice and observations.

I'm planning my next post after my daughters sing The National Anthem at the Phillies Game next week. We're all very excited -- and hopefully fans and players alike will be on their best behavior!

Your Good Sport Blogger,


P.S. If you're interested in more children's manners "stuff" or want to have a chuckle over bad manners, check out and